Weekly Official Intelligence (eWOI)

eWOI - Electronic Weekly Official Intelligence - The Weekly Official Intelligence provides a detailed overview of London Stock Exchange announcements.

Take advantage of a service which enables you to:

  • Keep track of the securities admitted to the Official Listing and AIM on the London Stock Exchange
  • Evaluate the market so that you can assess and advise on worthwhile investments
  • Update dividend details for your client portfolios

Each issue of the eWOI contains:

  • Company news and directorate changes
  • Notifications of changes in substantial share holdings
  • Dividends and meetings
  • Official listing and trading notices
  • New issues
  • Daily currency exchange rates
  • Forward diary of events
  • Board meetings
  • Lodgement of conversion notices
  • Drawings and redemptions
  • Takeover panel - disclosure table
  • Dealings under the City Code

eWOI is available on the first working day of each week and automatically delivered to your inbox, or via our dedicated website.

Click here to download a sample eWOI file.

For pricing and purchasing information email bip.helpdesk@ice.com or phone +44 (0)20 7825 8100.