Capital Gains Tax Services

ICE Data Services’s Capital Gains Tax (CGT) services can help to improve the efficiency of the day-to-day work carried out by accountants, tax professionals, investment managers and bankers amongst others. This work includes CGT calculations, completion of CGT and income tax returns and tax planning, as well as portfolio management and investment decisions.

ICE Data Services has over 40 years experience as a leading provider of Capital Gains Tax services. Offering a range of invaluable reference tools for accountants and tax professionals, ICE Data Services provides a wealth of securities taxation information on thousands of UK, Irish and International Securities.

UK & Irish Capital Gains Tax

This service details capital changes chronologically from 31st March 1982 to the present day with event details, Capital Gains Tax adjustment factors and market values for UK and Irish listed securities.

Capital events affecting the CGT position of securities including:

  • Scrip issues, scrip dividends and dividend reinvestment plans
  • Rights issues and payments to holders of lapsed rights
  • Subscription offers to existing share/stockholders with relevant tax treatment
  • Subdivisions and consolidations
  • Take-overs, mergers and amalgamations
  • Redemptions, repayments and conversions
  • Liquidation distributions and official negligible value announcements
  • 31 March 1982 (UK) and 6 April 1974 (Irish) base date prices and adjustment factors
  • Monthly Index of Retail Prices from March 1982

Available: Online

UK Capital Events Diary

Daily coverage of capital changes for securities listed on the London and Irish Stock Exchanges. Unit trusts and OEICs are also included as well as lists of forthcoming capital events and takeovers. Delivered directly to your inbox on a daily basis.

Information included:

  • First Day Dealing Prices
  • Cost Apportionment Factors
  • Taxation Treatment options
  • and more...

Exemptions from Capital Gains Tax

Identifies UK and Irish listed securities and qualifying corporate bonds that are exempt from CGT.

Available: Online

Capital Losses

Details of UK and Irish securities which the UK Inland Revenue have declared valueless or of negligible value from 6th April 1965. Also accepted by the Irish Revenue Commissioners.

Available: PDF

Changes of Names

Lists names changes for UK and Irish listed companies since 1965.

Available: Print