Dividends & Interest Services

This service provides details of dividend and interest payments for UK and Irish listed securities, unit trusts and OEICs. Historical payments going back as far as 1988/1989. We also provide details for international securities going back the last five years.

UK & Irish Dividends & Interest

The details provided on each security include:

  • Issuer name and security title
  • SEDOL number

Plus relevant capital events including:

  • Scrip issues, rights issues
  • Take-overs, mergers and amalgamations
  • Redemptions and repayments
  • Type of dividend
  • Financial year end (for companies with equity or preference shares)
  • Net and/or gross payments
  • Ex-dividend date, payment data and holders registered date

International Dividends

The International Dividend and Interest Service provides dividend and interest payment information for over 200,000 securities in 59 countries.

This service is divided into sections covering: Europe, USA, Americas (excluding the USA), Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Details provided on each security include:

  • Issuer name and security description SEDOL number
  • Relevant capital events
  • Dividend/interest amount net and/or gross
  • Payable, holders registered and ex dates
  • Tax rate
  • Coupon number
Available: Online

International Weekly Dividend File

Weekly Dividend Event File - details on forthcoming dividends for over 70,000 equities and preference shares listed in more than 120 countries.

Available: Online

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