Dividends & Interest Services

This service provides details of dividend and interest payments for UK and Irish listed securities, unit trusts and OEICs. Historical payments going back as far as 1988/1989. We also provide details for international securities going back the last five years.

UK & Irish Dividends & Interest

The details provided on each security include:

  • Issuer name and security title
  • SEDOL number

Plus relevant capital events including:

  • Scrip issues, rights issues
  • Take-overs, mergers and amalgamations
  • Redemptions and repayments
  • Type of dividend
  • Financial year end (for companies with equity or preference shares)
  • Net and/or gross payments
  • Ex-dividend date, payment data and holders registered date
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International Dividends

The International Dividend and Interest Service provides dividend and interest payment information for over 200,000 securities in 59 countries.

This service is divided into sections covering: Europe, USA, Americas (excluding the USA), Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Details provided on each security include:

  • Issuer name and security description SEDOL number
  • Relevant capital events
  • Dividend/interest amount net and/or gross
  • Payable, holders registered and ex dates
  • Tax rate
  • Coupon number
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International Weekly Dividend File

Weekly Dividend Event File - details on forthcoming dividends for over 70,000 equities and preference shares listed in more than 120 countries.

Available: Online

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