Access an exceptional breadth and depth of global securities data via ProView, a flexible securities administration tool for the professional market. ProView is a flexible web-based service that offers the combination of an intuitive online view with functionality to build your securities portfolio and download data to your own internal system.

Breadth and depth of data:

With ProView you can tap into an extensive securities database, spanning both developed and emerging markets - over six million securities traded around the world. This is complemented by a wide range of data offering access to 1,000 data items per security.

Asset Classes Include:Data Items Include:
  • Equities
  • Fixed income
  • Warrants
  • Investment funds
  • Exchange rates
  • Indices
  • Pricing and price related information
  • Income data
  • Capital event data
  • Descriptive data
Key Features:
  • Online view for single security data
  • Build your own securities portfolio
  • Download your portfolio data into your own internal systems via fully customisable computer-readable text reports
  • Over 1,000 data items available per security
  • Access to over six million securities traded around the world
  • Easy access to add and remove securities from your securities portfolio
  • Quick, easy and flexible search system - search by SEDOL or ISIN code, company name, country, exchange of listing or maturity date, amongst other criteria

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