"Our team have used ICE Data Services Securities Taxation Service for over 30 years now. It is important that they have confidence in a reliable and quality service that helps them to carry out their day-to-day responsibilities. It was therefore a natural choice when starting Vestra Wealth, to use Securities Taxation Web; the online service from ICE Data Services that brings CGT and dividend data direct to your desktop."
Vestra Wealth LLP

"ICE Data Services has developed a first-rate probate valuation service; the valuations are well presented, and the service is speedy and of the highest standard. We are finding that the service increases the efficiency of our internal resources and is proving to be cost effective too."
Geoff Walker, Partner, Killik & Co

"ICE Data Services has helped us provide accurate and timely information to our clients regarding asset valuations during a very difficult time in their lives. The customer service, presentation of reports and research that ICE Data Services provides is of great value and always extremely professional."
Melissa Driscoll, Edward Jones