Share Prices, Trade Data & Company Announcements

Daily Official List (eDOL)

Do you need an official reference tool for probate or portfolio valuations? Or perhaps you just need to value a handful of shares?

eDOL - the Daily Official List - is the electronic version of the definitive legal record of daily trading activity on the London Stock Exchange.Widely used on a daily basis for:

  • Portfolio or single security valuations
  • Probate valuation
  • Price monitoring and confirmation
Available: PDF Email

Weekly Official Intelligence (eWOI)

eWOI - Electronic Weekly Official Intelligence - The Weekly Official Intelligence provides a detailed overview of London Stock Exchange announcements.

Take advantage of a service which enables you to:

  • Keep track of the securities admitted to the Official Listing and AIM on the London Stock Exchange
  • Evaluate the market so that you can assess and advise on worthwhile investments
  • Update dividend details for your client portfolios
Available: PDF Email

Finstat Data Feeds

Finstat offers a range of data feeds that are used extensively by financial advisers, accountants and investment managers

Take advantage of a service which:

  • Provides validated equities, gilts and fund prices as well as currencies, dividends and indices
  • Is deliverable as daily, weekly and monthly data feeds
  • Can be downloaded from a dedicated website or via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Is compatible with major software packages including 1st Software's Adviser Office, Prestwood, JCS, Pulse, Fairs, Investmaster, Swift, Plum and Dividend Analysis

Shares Services - Covers Shares, Investment Trusts & UK Government Securities (Gilts). End-of-day mid prices, yields and price/earnings ratios for securities quoted on the London Stock Exchange, including Investment Trusts.

SIP Valuations - Apricing feed that can be used for SIP valuations. The feed contains the quarter-up calculation and the high/low trade from which the mid-price can be calculated. Comprised of securities listed or traded on the London Stock Exchange and units/shares of UK authorised funds (approximately 20,000 price lines)

Available: Data Feed

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