About Us

Interactive Data is a leading provider of financial information and analytical software to global markets.
Interactive Data is well known in the UK and Ireland for its range of securities taxation information - a valuable tool to assist in the calculation of UK and Irish capital gains tax and in completing UK and Irish income returns. History for every UK and Irish listed security is provided, including comprehensive coverage of funds and OEICs.
In addition, Interactive Data publishes eDOL, the electronic version of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) Daily Official List®. The Daily Official List® is the definitive legal record of daily trading activity on the LSE and is accepted by HMRC for taxation purposes. Data may be used for portfolio or single share valuations and price monitoring and confirmation.
Interactive Data also produces Finstat, an electronic datafeed service used by financial intermediaries throughout the UK.
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  • London Stock Exchange services: eDOL and eWOI
  • Probate Valuations
  • Finstat
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